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R U Grounded offers Grounding and Bonding Equipment that requires ZERO Earth Penatration along with static grounding services for portable generators and other elements of your electrical system. Your grounding system is necessary for your safety when you use a variety of electric equipment. Without proper grounding in your electric system, you are at risk of shock and electrocution.

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We help you with grounding portable generators safely to protect workers from any emergencies. A portable generator is very useful when you have a temporary project or otherwise need power outside of a standard electrical grid.

Our custom R U Grounded Device is certified and conforms to all appropriate standards, including CSA STD C22.2 No. 41 and UL STD 467. We test our device in both frozen and dry conditions to ensure that, whatever the soil conditions, your electric system is safely and securely grounded.

We designed our patented grounding device to add moisture to dry soil and it comes complete with an insulated heat package for winter use. Proper grounding shifts depending on the soil conditions, so we designed our custom device to adjust to the appropriate soil conditions.

Our device also comes with a portable ground or bond station that connects to the earth-ground device. The portable station is ideal for grounding portable generators because it is easy to move. We recommend our portable station for use with tank trucks, fuel trucks, and testing equipment.

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